Reflexology whether it be on the feet or hands or ears is capable of procuring profound relaxation and has this aspect of being a preventative and recuperative complementary therapy. It adapts to everyone.

The manual pressure applied to reflex zones corresponding to the body’s organs and systems stimulate the process of auto regulation . In some cases, this might take time to harmonise.

Reflexology is not just a method of massage as it might appear. After careful discussion and establishing a detailed case history, the treatment will reflect this and progress will be made.


Reflexology is a complementary and holistic therapy.

For those who seek to manage their health differently and to make beneficial non invasive improvements to their general well being, reflexology is efficient and fulfils all of your expectations.

Reflexology does not pretend to cure specific illnesses. It does harmonise and balance the bodys systems, and through the effect of touch and massage, improves your health and wellbeing.

It provides pain relief for headaches and migraine, premenstrual difficulties, and back pain.

Reflexology stimulates all the body systems to allow confidence in the ability to perform, providing mental energy for sport preparation, and the possibility of an accelerated process of recuperation, through elimination of toxins and relaxation.



Active Sports

 The preparation

Energy flows in the body - a highlight! Reflexology is practiced with a measure of finger pressure on vertical reflex zones on the feet or hands. The pressure stimulates this flow of energy and balances the corresponding body area.

Children & Teenage years

Children have less mature organisms that are progressing little by little or at a great pace at times. Their systems do not necessarily experience growth difficulties at the same time, but sometimes with a lot of stress.


Reflexology opens up an energizing support for the immune system when daily contact with pollution exhausts our defenses.. 


Mums & Babies

Before, during & after

The first signs of pregnancy have a profound effect on your well being, because it is a phenomenon anyway! Your own balance brings on your systems and those of the unborn child.


Adults & seniors

As we advance in age we might notice small or great changes in our health.

Should be looking after ourselves better?

Reflexology will do this as it relaxes, it improves the circulation, facilitates sleep, ensures a more efficient digestive system, helps with pain relief, assists in the transition of the menopause and is the most efficient complementary therapy you can have.


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