Choosing to become a Reflexologist came with many years experience of being a General and Occupational Health Nurse. Wanting to add to this experience, I completed the Nurse Reflexology course with AGIR (Association Genevoise des Infirmières Réflexologues) with the Ingham Method in 2008/9 here in Geneva.

It has quite literally realigned my training, in the way I regard health and illness today and I now have the ability to treat health problems with confidence, and professional knowledge with noticeable and encouraging results.

The effects of Reflexology can be immediate and also last for quite sometime after a massage.

My clients are sometimes surprised at the long term benefits as well as the most present.

I endeavour to lead a full, challenging life while respecting a healthy balance between work, my family, and time to recharge my batteries.

Reflexology gives me energy and serenity and to see that it has such a positive, profound effect on those whom I treat, I am even more convinced of the road I am taking.


Reflexology is for everybody; from the youngest to the oldest and from the healthy to the unwell.


Cabinet PODO & CO.

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Each consultation is prepared so that with your best interests in mind, the treatment will be holistic and adapted to you.


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